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IM for your phone

  1. Jan 30, 2006 #1
    First off...Firefox and Win98 ... not a good combination (my pc's frozen 3 times already. This is my 4th attempt at creating this thread...):yuck:

    Anyway...The real topic.

    OK, cellphones are evolving at an insanely incredible speed. Data rates on cellphones are lightning fast and phones are now Java enabled. Which has led us to a new phenomenon. Instatnt messaging has moved away from your PC and onto ur little handheld.

    So what are your guys views on it...Does anybody use IM on your phone? Whats the implications of having a SUPER, SUPER cheap, reliable communication source in your pocket?

    In South Africa, there is a single program that has revolutionised mobile IM. In under 6 months, the amount of users using the service has "exploded." In this short period, over 250 000 people use this program. :bugeye: When u consider that there are only a few million cellphone users in SA -- with most of them using 2G phones unable to run Java apps or GPRS -- this is an incredibly high number. More impressive, there has been NO advertising (only word-of-mouth) Check it out: http://www.mxit.co.za
    Obviously there are other (check out http://www.getjar.com -- MXit is one of the better ones.)

    I personally love it. No more overpriced SMS's and it's so cheap. It's exactly what communication should be. Any other views especially concerning what repurcussions this'll have on the telecoms industry?
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