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I‘m from China.

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    Hello!I'm from China and a new university student.but i'm sorry that i can’t write in english well and i worry about some summary wrong i may have.i love physics and i want to know more knowledge about it.
    by accident,i found this foreign forum.i am curious about foreign thinking of physics.i am not sure if i will be welcome.Anybody would like tell me something about this forum?
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    Welcome, Palacekeep :smile:!

    We're a forum devoted to helping people learn mainstream science, especially physics. As far as I know, there is no 'foreign' thinking physics -- physics is physics all around the world.
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    Hello Palacekeep; welcome to PF!
    Enjoy your stay here!
    Greetings and regards.:approve:
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    Don't worry Palacekeep, you will excel more at physics and develop your English if you stick around here. ;)

    Welcome to PF! :smile:
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    Thank all the people very much. Iwill make every effort tolearn english well and share some knowledge what i will learn . sometimes i also ask some questions.
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    I wanna where is the area of this forum.I am sorry but i can‘t find it through the internet.Thanks!
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    I‘m sorry that i can’t describe what i mean well.In fact,i want to know the geographical location as what you said because i want to adapt to the time in forum and the time in China.But now i think
    i can calculate the time lag by myself.How foolish i am!thank you for all your help,and......can you tell me if there are some app for android about this forum.I have a mobile phone and i use chrome but
    it isn't convenient.
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    You can visit the site with your phone using Chrome or IE, you will see the ads to download PF app site for Android. Or you can go to your Android phone's Store and search for physicsforums, the app is also published there.
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    Thank you.I have download the app and it is convenient.As you see,i just reply by my phone.
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    Now i have been in my university.I am in SouthChina normal university.As far as i am concerned,my university is very big and beautiful,so that i always worry whether i would be lose my way.All in all,i must try my best to learn more here.But i think i should make some preparasion for minitary training.It will start in the day after tomorrow.
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    I'm starting university this month, too (studying physics). Best of luck!
  14. Sep 8, 2013 #13
    Do you need minitary training?That is so exhausted
  15. Sep 9, 2013 #14
    No, I don't... do you still have enough time for your studies after military training? It sounds like a lot to balance.
  16. Sep 9, 2013 #15
    You should carry out this conversation in visitor messages...
  17. Sep 10, 2013 #16
    There is still no plan about study now.Our minitary training will be end on 18 Setp..Follow on it,we will start to carry our study plan.
  18. Sep 12, 2013 #17
    l am sorry that i can't understand it.How to be in visitor messages?
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    When you click on a person's profile picture to the left of the post, you can visit their profile.

    From there, you can directly post on someone's profile.

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    I use Tapatalk by my phone,so i can just view post,view topic and sent a private message.
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    Private message would also be an acceptable alternative. =)
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