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I'm getting back to physics and maths

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    It has been a decade since I dropped out of college (course in Electronics & Telecommunication), and I have been working as a writer (mostly for advertising) and as a musician. But a few years ago I started reading a lot of non-fiction (general science, physics, maths, philosophy), and my love for science was reignited.

    In 2015, I read Feynman's Six Easy Pieces and Six Not-So-Easy Pieces, both which are compilations of selected chapters from his three volume Lectures on Physics.

    This year, 2016, I decided to tackle The Feynman Lectures on Physics. Started the first volume last week.

    I also plan on reading The Road to Reality by Roger Penrose to get to the bottom of maths. Should I read this book simultaneously, or should I finish Feynman's three volumes and then begin The Road to Reality?

    Any other book suggestions and ways to improve my knowledge would be helpful. I want to understand string theory and the other theories that lead to M-theory. So, much to know, so little time. But at least I need to try.
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    I'm not sure how advanced you are, but the popular science books by Brian Greene (The Elegant Universe, and my favorite: The Fabric of the Cosmos) were simply inspiring and excellent reads for me.
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    Welcome to Physics Forums, H0tblackDesiat0!

    For book suggestions, try our Science and Math Textbooks forum.
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    My formal education is up to electromagnetic wave theory, microprocessors, signal processing and modulation/demodulation and all the maths to do with telecommunications. But I am a quick learner. I have watched the documentary The Elegant Universe based on Brian Greene's book. Is the book more detailed?
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    Thank you. Just getting used to the site.
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    Very much so, however, I strongly suggest The Fabric of the Cosmos.
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