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Im gonna start need some advice

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    alright guys this is my first post here.hope you might help .im gonna start serious study of maths and physics.i know very little about both subject so without directly jumping to advance maths and physics i want to start from basic.this is how i'll go:-


    system of real numbers,exponents and radicals
    algedric expression
    factorization GCD,LCM
    algebric sentences
    quadratic equation
    fundamental of geometry,theorems

    and physics

    scalars and vectors
    forces and motion
    statics(equilibrium,torque etc)
    circular motion and gravitation
    work,energy and power
    waves and sound
    light(propagation,reflection and refraction)

    if i learn this topic is it enough as far as basic and fundamental goes??? i never took both of these subject serious(now im regreting for that) thats why im pretty weak.after im done with these basic stuff i'll start college.
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    Depends what you want to learn it for... there's a whole lot of maths and physics out there.
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    Ok. I am assuming you want to learn the math/physics in order to go into a math/physics/engineering field.

    The fundamentals of all of the stuff you have listed under physics is usually covered in an introductory course in university. If you are interested, by all means start studying it, but I think at this point, putting more time into developing your math skills would be more beneficial, considering you will do all that physics once you get to university. Brush up on your basic math skills, and then, if possible, take a couple math courses in Algebra/Trigonometry, and Pre-calculus. Once your through those, you will be prepared for a calculus course. At this point, you should be ready for Calculus and Intro Physics courses. Don't worry about taking Calculus at the same time as a Calc-based physics course either. Most intro courses only use a little calculus for derivations, not much else.
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    alright,thanks man!
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    btw im taking engineering field.
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    You could study maths intensively and read Feynman's Lectures at the same time. FL doesn't use a lot of maths. I mean, the formulas are there but the emphasis is more on theory and teh physical principles. Just to keep your love for physics alive.
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