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Homework Help: I'm having trouble calculating inductance values in a transformer

  1. May 9, 2010 #1
    I have to figure out the two inductance values for a transformer; L2 and L1 where L1 is the inductance that sees the primary voltage and L2 is the secondary.

    i'm working with the formulas;

    n^2 = Z2/Z1 (8/1000)

    roeL2>>Z2 (roe= angular freq= 1kHz)

    n^2= L2/L1

    basically i use this formulas to find L2, but it's in the tens of Henrys which doesn't make sense to me for a transformer that fits in my hand.

    i carry out the computations for L1= .12 or something in that range, then plug it in to the last equation and i get a massive value for L2. am i doing something wrong or are these values fine for theoretical computations?

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