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Im just wondering

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    i bet everyone will laugh at me but here it goes. Does magnetism have any effect on gravity? i bet it doesnt but i just thought maybe it did.
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    There are theories that say magnetism and gravitation are closely related, but thats rooted deep into quantum mechanics. The answer is no one knows for sure.
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    Short answer, no. Sorry to be abrupt. I can't stay, but didn't want to ignore you.
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    The magnetic field has energy associated with it. This energy is a source for the curvature of spacetime. So yes, actually, it does have something to do with gravity. I'm sure someone who knows more about relativity will be able to tell you more. It isn't a silly question at all.
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    should i ask it in the relativity fourm?
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    Currenly gravity and electro-magnetism are seperate, unlinked forces. That is the goal of TOE, or the GUT to find a connection between these forces.
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    I'm pretty sure they are same force but I don't want to stub my toe too early :P
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