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I'm Kris, a video editor/gamer who loves Math!

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm Kris and I will enter my third decade in September (I hate reminding myself of my age). Since I was 14, I was heavily invested and self-taught in Video Production and still am. I've produced over 200 projects and counting, including podcasts, so entertainment has always been in my arsenal. I manage 3 websites, and along with my video projects, I hope to launch a podcast talking about Math and getting folks to be more involved in it!

    Back around the age of 17 was when I started building my own websites. Four years later, I took time to teach myself web programming and a little software development and Terminal-based programming.

    I disliked Math as much as the next person, even though I was a whiz in Algebra, but it was my learning of computer programming helped rekindle a loyal love for Mathematics. To this day, I want and aim to learn as much as I could and hope to do so with the wonderful people here!

    I'm ashamed to say that during my school years, I've never taken anything higher than Trigonometry, but I hope to change that as I plan to head back to school. I'm currently teaching myself using free online courses to reading Math History.

    Physics? I've only taken one Astronomy class in college and that's it. My interest in Astrophysics triggered when I was playing Final Fantasy 7; Sephiroth summons his powerful attack "Super Nova," and the attack involved showing a map of Ptolemy's solar system along with various equations used before the comet strikes the Sun. Noticing that, I promised a buddy of mine that I'd someday decipher those equations. (One user at another forum did, but now I hope to learn the meaning and function behind its calculations.) Other than that, I have a personal goal to learn and study Quantum Physics....just for fun. I just want to study and be a whiz at it, not for employment or anything. I just want to say I know Quantum Physics (without lying of course haha).

    My personal favorite Math? Besides Algebra, that'd have to be [Mathematical] Logic. Back as early as the 3rd or 4th grade while we gathered in groups to play some game-like assignment and hearing my classmates yapping endlessly, I made a joke to myself how funny it would be to decipher people's words with the usage of Math, to see if what they say is real/true. Oh...my...goodness...when I learned Symbolic Logic in college, my heart melted. I honestly had no idea it was possible via Truth Tables, Truth Trees and more. No doubt: I'm a HUUUUGE fan of Logic.

    As for the sciences, I've always been about the heavens (Astronomy, Cosmology). With that, I also enjoy some Geology and Meteorology.

    I'm hoping to meet and befriend various folks on here! I love to chat with more Math and Physics whizzes for sure.

    Thank you everyone, and thank you, Greg! Pleasure to meet everyone!

    - Kris
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    Welcome to PF Chris! What games are you playing now?
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    Thank you Greg! I'm very old school when it comes to games so I'm playing, and reviewing, some MS-DOS games. As for console, I created a new file in "The Legend of Zelda" and "Final Fantasy" for the NES. I stopped since I pre-ordered an NES AVS, which enables to play NES games in 720p! It's still in preorder so I have to wait until the end of next month. If and when I'm not busy, I'm hoping to venture into other RPGs, like the "Breath of Fire" series which I've never played. Love them RPGs!
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