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Complaint I'm leaving this forum

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    In my opinion this forum is near worthless due to moderation censorship.

    When a thread discussing the nature of universal complexity is deemed irrelevant to cosmology! Pathetic forum

    When it is suggested that the condensation of matter from early universal radiation runs contrary to principle of entropy. Entropy simply meaning that energy tends to spread out. That matter is energy and is stable and does not spread out, is a trivial issue. But not allowed on this sight because this is a pathetic forum

    That basic considerations are so heavily censored and deleted here, is ridiculous. Moderator conduct here makes for a near worthless experience. Control freaking indoctrination is the purpose of this narrow forum.

    I boycott this place
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    Because that would belong on a philosophy forum, not one for physics. In fact, looking at the thread you were given opportunities to find better references, and got nearly two whole pages in before it was locked - which was probably a bit generous of the mods.

    I don't know, maybe because the question makes no sense? Are you trying to argue against gravitational forces?

    The mod's seemed pretty nice to you in the thread's I've looked at.
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    The mods argent meen, but the most basic considerations are censored, locked or deleted. My first two posts here were deleted without apology.

    Philosophy you say? That matter is energy which isn't spreading out under the rule of entropy. People are fixed in the mind set that universal complexities are a result of entropy, energy diffusion, disorder and caos. And thats ok, but not being allowed to discuss this and other most basic of issues is silly. This forum has the balance very wrong.

    You say I had opportunities to provide references. Assuming I wasnt caught in a storm without power. But do I need a reference to say anything, everything. It appears I do. People who use this forum have no allowance for free expression or to contribute to dialog. A great place to train your robot
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    No forum can be all things to all people.

    A clearly-defined mission is a strength, not a short-coming.

    You wouldn't buy a Hyundai Pony and then boycott them because of the leg room would you? Whose fault would that be?

    This forum's mission statement is very clear-cut.
    It is to discuss current mainstream science.

    There are plenty of fora out there that are only too happy to discuss non-mainstream concepts.
    But they have their own peccadilloes. Which you will find out very quickly, should you go there.
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    All that has to be said, has been said. Locking the thread.
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