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I'm looking for a short wave pass material that absorbs above 1 microm

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    I'm looking for a "short wave pass" material that absorbs above 1 microm


    I've been looking for a material that absorbs radiation 1-1.1 [tex]\mu[/tex]m but does not absorb radiation around 910 [tex]\pm[/tex]10 nm.

    I've looked at several dyes but they all seam to have very long tails causing some absorption at the lower wavelengths.

    What I would really like is a graph that displays the absorption spectra for several materials around 1 [tex]\mu[/tex]m. http://www.photochemcad.com/" [Broken] sort if does this, but, it seam to focus more on the visible spectrum.

    Thanks for reading, I'm grateful for any response!
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