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Im looking for an on-line sciences resource

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    after about 20 mins of trying to find basic theorys in fluid dynamics, the best iv come up with is http://www.sciencedirect.com . this looks like a Really well done resource but it looks like a resource sold to universitys as a supliment to library texts. i couldnt find any way to subscribe to this site's resources but i Did find i could buy volumes for $30 each.

    im interested in a well run and easy to navigate resource that can be taken full advantage of for less then $120 a year

    do you guys mind pointing me in the right direction? im lost :confused:
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    You can use MIT's OCW @ http://ocw.mit.edu/index.html and type in "fluid dynamics" in the search field. The courses are free but down count as college credit or anything.
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    Science Direct is a good resource for journals, which contain very specific applications in science and technology. Many university libraries enable students 'free' access to journals on SD.

    I think you want one or more textbooks. In this case, check with university academic programs, particularly mecanical or aerospace engineering, and get a sample of textbooks. One can also check the publishers like McGraw-Hill, Wiley, etc, then order books through PF.

    Also try open courses as MK suggested.

    Finally, try this - Fluid Mechanics There is a good list of texts on fluid mechanics, including dynamics. One may also check on "Computational Fluid Dynamics".
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