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I'm looking for someone in the US to buy me st.

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    I'm looking for someone in the US to buy me sth.

    From what it looks like right now, I need someone to buy me something (a calculator) at newegg.com (Thanks to rocophysics for pointing this one out) and send it to me in Germany.

    Any volunteers?
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    Why do you have to buy it from that website? Why not find a website that ships to Germany?
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    It is so very cheap. That is why. If you know a shop which comes with about the same prices and ships worldwide/to europe, go ahead and name it.

    But - nevermind, I think I just found a german reseller which offers affordable prices. It's about 80USD more expensive than newegg.com, but well - I guess this would be the cheapest I can find.
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    Well, if you can find someone to help you then fair enough, but I imagine this wouldn't be too legal: afterall that's why the US site probably doesn't ship abroad. If companies like that did, then their European counterparts would go out of business, since we'd just buy at the US shop for half the price!
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    Haha, it's not like that. Though e-buis becomes more and more popular the vast majority of shops still relies on traditional customers, that is customers which either buy the goods directly in the store or prefer german resellsers at all.

    And as for "illegal" or "legal", I've been told about a page just some minutes ago, forwarding any mail from the US to oversea and vice-versa. I thus assume it's legal. C.f.: http://www.myus.com/
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    Not at all, there are a couple of ludicrously cheap sites that ship worldwide for free (like DealExtreme).
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    1) Anyone agreeing to buy and ship something to some random stranger on the internet in another country on promise of payment would be a fool.

    2) Shipping costs and import taxes on the item would probably make up the difference in cost.

    Look for a company that will ship directly to Germany, or make arrangements with a friend who knows you, not random online strangers.
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