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I'm lost in my third year of college

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    Hey there...

    I've been lurking around these forums for about a year now and although I'm not majoring in physics, I figured you guys would still give me some input as to what types of fields I may be interested in pursuing. I guess you could consider this my job research phase of my college career? Anyway, I was thinking about designing physics engines for simulators and/or video games. I was also interested in something more lucrative, like power systems or medical physics. Or maybe I should just settle for your basic contract job you find on monster.com? I don't know...

    A little about me: I'd consider myself a junior in my EE program at my university and I thought I knew exactly what field I wanted to pursue - that being communications - but I'm just not interested in it anymore. I love mathematics and physics with a passion, but that love pales in comparison to my love for art and design. It doesn't really matter what I'm designing, as long as I'm designing something that will have an impact on society - which kind of goes without saying. That's why I was thinking medical physics or power systems. Also, I'm an avid video gamer and I thought working for a game production team would be really cool, as well.

    But like I said, I don't know... Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated...
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    Diablo art designer
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    Here's a link of graduate video game design schools:


    You could contact (or even tour) some of those schools and talk to people in the department about what they look for in candidates.

    In my area (Seattle), DigiPen Institute is well-regarded. I'd be careful of other private art design schools - many cost way, way too much and over-promise job prospects.
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