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Homework Help: I'm Lost. Please Help - ANYONE

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    I am not sure I can solve this, I am confused that I do not have the information I need. I am lost and my prof is of little help.

    A spring gun projects a ball at an angle of 45 degrees above the horizontal. The ball has a horizontal range of 32 feet. What is the maximum height to which the ball rises, and for the same initial velocity, what are the two angles for which the range is 20 feet.

    Dont I need at least a time frame to solve this?

    The best part is, the other two problems are even more vague to me.
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    Draw a picture of what is going on in the problem, then write down what you know and show in words what you've done. That way if you made a mistake someone can help you. It may also be helpful to write down what you know and write down what you dont know, then you know what to solve for
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    Xo = 0
    Yo = 0
    Ax = 0
    Ay = -9.8m/s
    Angle Theta = 45
    x = 32 feet ( 9.6 m, 960 centimeters)
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