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I'm lost

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    I don't know what i want to do with my life. I find science fascinating and interesting. But I really don't like studying it. I was going into nanotechnology as of lately. But now I feel like making movies. I have the visual ability and I am good at picturing an outcome. My mother is an artist and my father was a stock broker. I am seriously in a bind. Part of me wants to develop space exploration. Another part says "why?" I can just live life as it is and not really pursue anything. I get bored easily and don't like to do math at all anymore. Any suggestions? I think about my life and everything everyday. I am a real deep thinker. So I kind of enjoy seeking something that I would enjoy doing.

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    Explore vocational schools to find a trade worth your interest for earning an income, and explore film schools. Your progress really depends on your pursueing something. Another approach is just to pick something that might be worth your interest, and FINISH AT LEAST ONE COURSE in it before changing your mind on what to try next. If you choose and expect something in science or technology, you will need some significant mathematics. Taking as much Mathematics as you can accomplish will help you to avoid limiting your options.

    What have you studied so far, and how much and how well did you do?
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    I hae finished one year in college. I have completed calc III, physics I. Rest are gen ed.
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    Pick somethings both in and out of physical sciences during the next school term. That should help you to find something that you are interested in. Still, the more mathematics, the better. You should maybe go one more Mathematics course, but for an undergraduate degree in physical sciences, you are almost done with the Mathematics requirements. If you go to the next physics course, Physics II, you will need to concentrate heavily on this (Electricity & Magnetism) because it is more difficult than Physics I. Postponing it is not a good idea UNLESS you choose a major field which does not require more physics.

    Counseling you this way is hard. Maybe see a counselor, but just realize that YOU must make your decisions; the counselor can not make your decisions for you. Since you finished Physics I and Calculus III, you seem to be making good progress for some kind of physical science or engineering degree objective. In the next semester, the one coming after the current one, you might try a Biological science course, or a course for any Chemistry requirement.
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