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Im moving!

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    They decided to build a big ass highway in my back yard and my property value is going to tank. Now we have to move out of our dreamhouse :mad:. My parents asked me if I wanted to say, but I told them its a nice house, but I cant justify loosing that much money just because I think its nice. The highway is going to be right in my back yard! I'm going to take pics of my backyard to show you all the woods, bike trail, deer and birds. It's such a lovely back yard and now its going to be a big ass highway! GRRRRRRR....

    Were probably going to move into a small townhouse for about a year and put all our stuff in storage until we find a solution. The two options on the table right now is buy another house or get a small plot of land and build a new house.

    If this were a few years ago I would really hate to move from here, but now that I'm older I just said eh, screw it. Save the money, the house is a house. We can always find another one. Once that value goes down well never ever see that money again.

    This sucks because we have to move RIGHT AWAY, tomorrow would be ideal if possible, because once the road is built NO ONE is going to want to buy our house.

    Bye bye house! :rofl:
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    That sucks Cyrus, moving is the worst. I would hate to have to move from a house like that it sounds awesome. Stupid highways.
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    I wouldn't say it's so much the property value (if you plan to stay in a house, it doesn't really matter how much the market fluctuates around it), but it would really be awful to go from having nice, wooded land behind your house to having a noisy highway. That's one of the risks of living on the coasts. If you don't own the property, you can't expect anything green or wooded to stay that way long.
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    I would stay put and fight the highway tooth and nail, do the legal thing whilst secretly filling fuel tanks with sugar and moving their little marker posts just a tad.
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    This is reminicent of the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.

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    **** I better go find my towel then.
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