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Homework Help: Im new eqn for locus of points

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    In a right triangle ABC, the hypotenuse BC is 5 units. Determine an equation for the locus of points for the vertex A. What will a trace of these points look like? AHHHH all these locus questions I dont have a clue I drew the triangle with BC as the hypotenuse but I dont know what else to do. PLz help me someone plz :redface:
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    Geometric hint: In any right triangle, the hypotenuse is the diameter of the circumscribing circle- that is, a circle with the hypotenuse as diameter will pass through the right angle vertex.
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    Don't you mean radius?
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    I feel like I dont have enough information only 5 units, I see how a circle can be drawn around the right angle triangle with the diameter=hypotenuse but I dont know how to determine an equation for the set of points for the vertex A. What do I do?

    Is this correct? x^2+y^2=6.25 for the equation
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