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I'm new physics, help!

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    I'm a newbie to phyics, all i know is force, work, PE, KE, power,and such, where should i go from here, and are there any good thorough tutorials and such that build off of this that r simple and not complicated?
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    I might be able to help you better if you said what your educational background is. Have you taken just one physics course? Usually knowing one thing points you in the dsirection of another.
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    well, i kind of took 1/4 of physics course i guess u could say
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    Do you have a physics textbook? Just go through that.
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    Get a copy of Halliday and Resnick's "Fundamentals of Physics" and read it, cover to cover. It's very easy to read, and you'll learn about a year's worth of university-level physics.

    - Warren
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    go to the library...get a book ...learn and enjoy ...and try out experiments it says in the book aswelll.
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