I'm new to the forum.

Hello all. I've always frequented motorcycle forums, but thought I'd try another forum that is somewhat more practical, hence I found this place. Hope the topics are as stimulating as they appear.


Greetings beansbaxter !
But tell me; what do you see here at PF as being more practical than a motorcycle ?
hmmm I dont know...

I frequent about six other motorcycle forums, am a moderator on one of them, and a few of us always throw out some physics threads, make for great discussions, but its the same people.

So I did a Yahoo! search, found this forum, thought I'd give it a shot, see how the community of people are and of course learn, cause so much knowledge I have learned out of Internet boards.

But being more practical than a motorcycle...haha lemme get back to you on that one.
And why isnt my post counting going up? Just curious...
Hello, how are you?
It has been decided that posts made in General Discussion do not count. Not very fair, since I think I give mind boggling, life-changing advice here all the time !! :cry:
Anyway, welcome!! :biggrin:

jimmy p

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Maybe you could bring some motorcycle discussion into the forum, i know Ivan Seeking is a motorbike enthusiast, and I suppose I like the sound of anything with two wheels, an engine and no stabilisers. :biggrin:

oh yeah, welcome aboard.
Interesting, a motorcycle enthusiast.
I think SCIENCE can be associated with that? lol.
Anyways, Welcome to PF.
Lemme introduce myself cuz I'm brand new as well :wink: . Aged 16, live in Poland (no better after entering the UE :grumpy: ), brown-black hair, blue eyes, interested in Physics [learning quantum physics] and Maths [analysis, algebra], with a bit strange sense of humour, have been playing piano for 10 years. Sorry for this chaotic description of myself. Anyway, nice to meet ya all, people :biggrin:


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Welcome aboard! Ha! Get it? Yeah, it's really not funny. What a strange mood I'm in this morning. :rofl: Oh, wait- it's 5:00 pm! Wow, a strange mood indeed. Anyway, enough about how stupid I am... let's talk about you. Oh, someone help me.
Okay, I'm better.

Can I ask a stupid question? :rolleyes:

What all do you discuss on a motorcycle forum? For example, do you talk about clothing, motorcycle gang/club history, motorcycle regulations, gas prices, etc.? Just curious.

Happy thoughts

jimmy p

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Does anyone on these motorcycle forums admit to riding side-saddle??
welcome here.. i am new as well...

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