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I'm New!

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    Hey! So after studying Maths and Physics for five years, I thought I should finally get onto physics forums to give and receive help where I can. Currently doing my master's in Physics and writing my dissertation on inflationary cosmology, though I love all mathematical aspects of physics from classical mechanics to SUSY. Happy to help where I can =)
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    Welcome to Physics Forums BlueLambda! :woot:
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    I guess I don't have anything much to add. I'm new and in the process of teaching myself enough math to do the type of physics I'd like to do. My math chops need a little sharpening. Although my B.S. degree is in Chemistry, I had enough hours to have graduated with a Math degree if I had so chosen to do so. I would eventually like to try applying Lie Algebra to particle physics. I'd like to eventually go into theoretical physics because my back and knees are too bummed up to do much experimental work.
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