I'm not asking for answers, just ideas for my science hw

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Over the summer I got mail saying that in order to pass my science project it must meet these objectives. It should 1. Prove something that has never proven or show something that was never seen or known about 2. Advance our knowledge or 3. Can be continued to be researched upon in the future. So in other words it has to be something BIG! (well this is an advance class afterall...)

So can anyone send me ideas of what to research on? I keep drawing blanks and my ideas aren't that original such as "which gender having a better short term memory and why" and also this ridiculous idea of humans being able to sense mass and tell which object is bigger w/o using their eyesight because of the gravitational pull amoung objects (esp planets). But those aren't things that can be used in the future nor can they help us in anyway...(i think). Just send me ideas please?! I'm sort of desparate here. O and by the way the school's paying for all equipment needed for the experiment so it can be as complex as i want but the only problem is i don't know what to reserach on :frown: so help me out here?
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This is High Schoo level, right? If so, those are pretty serious demands for a science project. Heck, I know several postdocs who would kill to be able to meet any of the criteria! If I were you, I'd assume that the judges are just putting pressure on the students to excell. In which case, you should relax and do a project on a subject that interests you rather than try to make an original discovery.

I have an idea. Do you know about chaos theory and complexity? You can do demonstrations of complex physics from simple systems, such as the double pendulum. The original part should be to find a simple system of your own that can generate behavior like this and would be useful to study. Or, you can pick up Wolfram's A New Kind of Science, read up on randomness, and write pretty programs that generate better randomness using cellular automata.

Those are just some ideas, and they're good for eye candy and dramatic impact. There are hundreds of others though.
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heh..you could rule out proving somthing that hasnt been proven yet - that's a bit out of the everyday physics students league!

i would like to investigate propetual motion..even if the ways you investigate don't work - its still investigating - but it can be a tad difficult in the experiments :P

your best bet it to choose somthing that interests you, or goto www.google.com and search for physics projects.
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Thanks a lot for the ideas! :smile: I'm going to go to the library and start researching right away on physics and try to come up with an experiment because I gave my cousin my assignment to read and he said that I had to meet those requirements in order to pass, but he says if I make it complex and well enough, I might be able to get a passing grade!

I'm rally interested in physics and molecular biology, but because I'm not even in high school yet (which means i haven't taken the course for these areas), I don't really have enough background knowledge on these topics to form an experiment to prove something that will meet the requirements

If I plan to help make a discovery on things that everyone has been pondering on involving chemistry, what kind of things do you think I should do? [?]

Thanks for taking your time to read and answer this people, i really appreciate it! :wink:

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