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I'm not exactly sure about

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    Does CH3OCH3 has any H bond between it's molecule?
    (It should has H bond but in my book it has no one ):confused:

    And does XeF2 has polarity?
    (Actaully,my book it has no one.again)
    That's why i'm not sure.
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    H-Bonding is referring to "Intermolecular bonding", which is actually not a bond but a force that attracts the molecules together. There would need to be an OH group or even an NH group in order to have this. Water is a perfect example of H-Bonding.

    The molecule you mentioned does not have the possibility of this type of bonding.

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    Thanks,I understood it.
    And what about polarity of XeF2.
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    no CH3OCH3 does not have any H bonding in it

    and XeF2 is non-polar as it have 3 lone pair and 2 attachments its molecular geometery is linear
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    Thanks a lot.
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    I think a book on Chemistry from your school library can help you quickly solve problems like that...
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