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Programs I'm not sure what to major in

  1. Feb 26, 2017 #1
    Hi everyone, well i ask this question because my parents already asked me what to major in. Firstly, i'm planning to study overseas to europe probably to German (i'm from Indonesia) i still haven't learn the language yet but i will.
    Well, i'm not sure what to major. I hate biology and really dislike it (no offense) because i just got no interest in it. I love to know about space and everything about it. Probably i love it because it's like an adventure to nowhere and i really love adventure and uncertainty.
    I hope u guys can help me, thanks
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    Sounds like you're an astronomy major. Check in with an advisor there and see if you can use your first year from mostly electives and some intro astronomy classes to test it out.
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    To the OP:

    Since you are interested in space, one option you may want to consider (especially if you have a technical interest in space travel) would be to major in aeronautical engineering, or mechanical engineering with a specialty in aeronautics. In this way, you can satisfy your interests while also gaining technical, employable skills.

    BTW, since you are from Indonesia, have you considered studying in the Netherlands? I'm asking because Indonesia used to be a Dutch colony, so I figured that Indonesians would have studied Dutch in school, which might make it easier for you to study there.
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