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I'm not sure where to put this

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    Would Freddy Krueger's glove actually break your hand/dislocate fingers if you used it to gut a person? (I know that makes it sound like I wanna know for personal reasons, but just keep reading please :) )

    My friends and I have been debating this for about a week or so. I believe that if it is used for it's intended method (flesh cuts, avoiding bone, disembowelling), it would be an effective weapon against a foe, my friends believe that it would actually break your hand or dislocate your fingers if you used it.

    It is a basic construction, metal joints attatched to a leather glove with long, razor sharp blades attatched to the metal supports/joints that slide over the fingertips and are attatched to the glove at the back of the hand. I think that while it would put pressure on the fingertips, unless you struck bone with a lot of force behind you, your hand would be fine.

    I was just wondering if anyone here might have an opinion on the matter.

    This is the Image I was using for reference for my opinion on the matter.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have intentions of Testing this theory on Sunday evening, and if anyone who knows more about anatomy/physics says that I'm wrong...well I may think twice about trying it....maybe. :)

    I do appreciate you guys taking the time to respond to my inquiry.
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    If the glove were constructed properly it could work. The issue of finger damage could easily be avoided by having strong hands and fingers. There are people who can break boards and the like and even rip quarters in two with their bare fingers so that should solve that problem. The only other issue I could see is that penetrating the flesh and muscle deep enough to actually eviscerate someone would take alot of work considering the size of the blades and the manner in which the cutting is being done.
    I think that things of the sort have actually been made and supposedly used back in history though more than likely just for slashing and gouging but not actual disembowlment. There would be much easier ways of getting that done.
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