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I'm on vacation!

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    Chi Meson

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    10 days of vacation in Virginia. First some visiting and touristy stuff in Willimasburg, then camping in the Shenandoahs. Check out the 10 day forecast!

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    :eek: Take an umbrella, and your flotation devices!!

    Hope they are wrong, as usual. Happy vacation!!
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    Just got back from Vacation, hope yours is as fun as mine was.
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    Wow! That forecast looks even worse than the recent stretch we experienced! The peppers, tomatoes, etc, are pale and yellowish from all the rain and clouds. At least the hail wasn't big enough to ruin everything.

    Hope the forecasters are wrong, but the east coast and NE have been getting a lot of crappy weather this season. Good luck!
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    Va...cation? I think I remember them...

    Have fun! Hope you don't get too wet!
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    Well, your cloudy weather forecast makes me less envious than I would be otherwise. :biggrin:

    But isn't a good thunderstorm a requirement of a night of summer camping? It feels like it (even from the times when, as kids, we "camped" in the backyard... although then we COULD run scared back inside through the unlocked patio door). When I was a grad student in CO, I'll be darned if there was ever a night of camping without thunderstorms (except perhaps the few times when I was camping in snow). Just make sure your tent isn't under any old trees. We've lost a roofs around here lately (east TN, Smokies).
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    They show the same CYA forcast every week in Northern Virginia as well. I usually ignore it unless I see Rain or Heavy Thunderstorms specified in the forecast.
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