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Im out of this forum

  1. Apr 28, 2005 #1
    i thought it was for physics discussion but nobody answers me how a swing works or why my antigravity engine fails

    here im not allowed either to discuss my idea:

    internet censorship doesnt allow me to discuss my engine, besides most people will discuss about my person instead of about my ideas therefore ill have to do it the hard way and build it

    so if in the future you hear the urban legend of a guy who built an antigravity device consisting of counterotatory cylinders with oscillating pistons inside and got killed because it lead as well to free energy you will know it was me

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    I'm with you, I have posted many of my ideas in many forums but here it is impossible. people ussually get too hard with you, and the only place I have an aceptable state, it is in the philosophy one.

    I like your antigravity device idea and other posts I ahve seen around in the link you gave up their.
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    besides i thought that people that keeps free energy secret had forgot about this forum but seems i was wrong and they put the right mods for their purposes, deep sceptics

    why is it i can talk about my antigravity engine in game forums and i cant in physics forums because they get locked
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    well, like any private website, the admins have the power to censor. if you are so inventive, start your own website with your ideas, then no one can censor you.
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    (i) Maybe because the people in the game forums are as ignorant about physics as you do. (ii) because when you start dealing with physics, then all the whole body of knowledge that is known to be valid APPLIES to whatever it is you're pushing (iii) because this forum was NOT meant for quackeries. Read the guidelines if you don't believe me.

    So unless you are here to really flaunt the rules and show little respect for the main purpose of PF, then there's no reason why you should be surprised at the kind of reception you're getting. Besides, if you think it works, then BUILD the damn thing. Why are you revealing your "secrets" on here for the whole world to see? Go busy yourself with your "antigravity" and other machines rather than wasting your time on here.

    ... and don't let the door hit you on your rear end on your way out.

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    I thought that everyone knows how a swing works: you put a kid on it and push 'til he pukes.
    As for the rest of it, I've taken the liberty of going back and looking at a couple of your posts. The whole problem here is that you have no bloody idea what you're talking about! Your posts are semi-coherent at best, and your lack of knowledge of even the fundamentals of science is appalling. That would be perfectly acceptable if you came here to learn, but it's obvious that you didn't. You came to propound the crackpot theories of a couple of guys who aren't even vaguely qualified to be called scientists. There is no such thing as free energy! There is no such thing as anti-gravity! Get over it! :grumpy:
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    Personally, I'm really grateful for the forum's level of censorship. I don't think such discussion should be stifled everywhere, but it's nice to have a set of forums in which you can be reasonably sure that people will be discussing real physics. I abandoned many of the other physics forums on the net simply because there were too many garbage posts involving people's erroneous personal theories.
  9. Apr 28, 2005 #8
    Oh no, are you one of them Podkletnov-aficionado's ???


    ps : if i were you, i wouldn't mess with CIA/FBI/SWAT-man Danger...the guy has a 190º peripheral vision... :surprised BEWARE...especially when you are NOT in front of him
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  10. Apr 28, 2005 #9


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    That's right; I couldn't see a locomotive right in front of me, but it better not try sneaking up from behind. :bugeye:
    Incidentally, those are Yank organizations. Up here its CSIS, RCMP and TAC teams. :wink:
  11. Apr 28, 2005 #10
    dammit yes, i forgot you are Canadian...Sorry man...

  12. Apr 28, 2005 #11


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    No problem. I can never remember where someone is without looking, either. One of the perils of an international forum. Incidentally, as much as enjoy the goofing back and forth with you here, I must say how impressed I am with your post on 'Thin Film Interference' in GP. I don't understand most of it, but it sure is professional. You're the one this little bugger shouldn't mess with when it comes to science. :biggrin:
    Okay, gotta go to work now. Catch you tonight.
  13. Apr 28, 2005 #12
    Danger , i like you even more and more...Did you know that my girlfriend and i dream of living in Canada? Who knows, we might meet...I am sure you will recognize me first when i am not coming from right in front of you :wink:

  14. Apr 28, 2005 #13
    space tiger im glad you like censorship then you must be glad on the states

    here in spain we dont like that stuff since to the 75 the salute was the fascist hand raised salute

    as for there not being free energy or antigravity im not sayin it certainly exists but danger you are saying radically it doesnt exist

    who is the fanatic here?

    obviously im talking about moving the swing with your feet if you dont know how it works say it dont make jokes about it

    besides if im so very wrong wouldnt be easy to correct me instead of atacking me personally?

    because i came here to learn by discussing, certainly nobody here is my master although some seem to believe to be a master teaching disciples

    anyway i hope you are not like pithagoras who killed his disciple that discover the irational numbers, hey i might even get banned for this one about pithagoras
  15. Apr 28, 2005 #14
    Don't mess with SpaceTiger. I am the one to blame. I dictate what can be said and what cannot be said. SpaceTiger is too good an astrophysicist. he doesn't have the time to engage in such useless discussions as the one you have started here. I has far too much research to do...I don't...

    First of all, it's Pythagoras
    Secondly, where is your Theorem ?

    Ohh, you don't have one ? Well, then don't compare yourself to somebody of that stature

    marlon, the little one
  16. Apr 28, 2005 #15
    I agree. If this forum was not the way it was in maintaining a certain standard for posts, I would of left awhile ago.

    As for you aviator, I would probably recommend that you humble yourself and try to actually learn some actual physics.

  17. Apr 28, 2005 #16
    "Ohh, you don't have one ? Well, then don't compare yourself to somebody of that stature"

    of course i dont compare with a murderer like pitagoras

    why there int a section for sfringe science like mine?

    what happens with john hutchinson reality?

    should i humble in front of people that admires a murderer because hes got a great theoreme?
    i was taught rightly not to do so
  18. Apr 28, 2005 #17
    Learn your English. I can hardly understand what you are trying to say. Or do you only write ancient Greek ?

    Are you saying that Pyhtagoras is a murderer ???

  19. Apr 28, 2005 #18

    There is a forum for your nuttery, its called Theory Development. Go there, and stay there.
  20. Apr 28, 2005 #19
    and take pitagoras with you :rofl:
  21. Apr 28, 2005 #20


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    I don't consider my time any more valuable than anyone else's, but I certainly would say that further arguing with this guy is a waste of it.
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