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Im pretty ignorant

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    hi. i was recently watching some discovery- or some kind of informative pbs-type show and was introduced to some basic quantum physics "stuff" and am really interested in learning more... and was wondering is anyone could recommend any good books for an introductory look at it? i'd really appreciate it.
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    What kind of introduction? Do you know any physics?

    If interested in a casual pop-sci read then I recommend Richard Feynman - QED - The Strange Theory of Light and Matter. Its very good.
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    yeah i guess i would be looking for a "casual pop read"... thank you, ill definately check that book out!
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    "Seven Ideas that Shook the Universe" and "Physics for Poets" have waffly chapters on quantum physics that are fairly decent light reading, but I wouldn't recommend buying; just check them out if you can find them.

    For a mathematical introduction, Quantum Physics by I.M. Rae is the intro book we used, and it's quite pick-up-able, probably not too pricey to buy if you're really interested in the mathematics.
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