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I'm QuantumKangaroo!

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    So I have basically the coolest username ever! QuantumKangaroo. My username states that i'm more into Quantum Physics than to Classic Physics. I'm not a physicist or anything, i'm actually not even in high school yet. But recently with CERN and the Large Hadron Collider; Physics is getting more interesting to me. So yeah, expect me to ask some beginner questions. If you want to, drop in and say "Hi", or "Hey", or even "Loser!". Anyways , see you later :smile:.
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    Welcome to the PF, QK! :smile:

    It makes it easiest for getting your questions answered if you can do some reading and research first (like at wikipedia, etc.), and then post links to your reading and ask specific questions about the parts you don't understand. That will help you to get the most out of the PF. Have fun, and enjoy the learning!
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