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I'm Rodwen, I make things up

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    Hi guys,

    I'm Rodwen. I'm a writer and scienthusiast looking for a helpful community to run with my bizarre scenarios and provide some feedback to stop me derping up the science in my books too much. I completed physics, chemistry, maths and biology in my final year of high school and also ran the high school science club, but that was a little while ago and I haven't had the chance to study these areas again, alas.

    How often do you guys get annoying writers bugging you, and where would be the appropriate place to discuss these topics? Just in the normal forums? You don't shove writers into a hidden corner somewhere and keep the lid on as tightly as possible? :)
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    Welcome to the forum. There is a specific sub-forum for science fiction. Be a good idea to read the rules before posting.
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    Hm, thanks. That doesn't seem to be quite what I'm after as it appears to be for "existing" stuff. And what I'm trying to do isn't sci-fi per se, it's just making sure I'm not making mistakes in real science written down. But that is potentially far too boring and simple for this forum.
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    Asking questions of this forum about real science is what the forum is here for, so no, that's not boring.

    I seem to remember having the same confusion myself over the content of the sub-forum. There is, as I recall, one for discussing existing sci fic and one for discussing in progress sci fic by members.
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