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In summary, the conversation is about a reddish brown capacitor with the markings K*E, 102, 100, and NCC. The participants discuss the possibility of it being a thin film polyester cap and try to identify its value and voltage rating based on the markings. They also suggest researching capacitor marking and note that the first line is likely a code for the general product line.
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I have a capacitor that is marked different than most I've run into in the past. I'm not sure how to read it. It looks exactly like this:


Where the "*" is there is an undistiguishable mark. possibly a "N" inside a circle. It's printed exactly like that on a reddish brown if that helps. I believe it's a thin film polyester cap. Can anyone help me identify it?

I realize this is way below everyone's knowledge base here. I am not an electrical engineer btw.
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Also my guess is 10 x 10 to the second power, and 100 degrees C
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Maybe 100 can also be the maximum applied voltage of the capacitor.
102 I agree with you, 10*10^2 nF.
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1nF 100V most likely.

102 usually means 10 * 10^2 pF
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You could educate yourself on capacitor marking by brousing through a capacitor manufacture's data sheets.

The capacitor is 1000 pF (as uart noted), the '100' is a voltage rating. This could mean 100 VDC or a code for some other voltage. NCC mean 'normal chip component' in some cases. So it's probably a multi layer ceramic. The first line is probably a code for the general product line.

There is no tolerance given that I can see, except the first 'K', so I assume this is implicit in the product line code or K means it a 10% part.
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