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Im so behind

  1. Nov 21, 2004 #1
    Im so behind!!

    I was in gr11 and at the beginning of the year I ran into a huge family issue, I was living with my grandparents and all of a sudden left my home to go see my mom in the states well I was missing school and my mom didnt want to send me back, she thought it would be better if I stayed with her so she got me registered in school in the states, I found the subjects quite different then the ones i was taking at my onld school in canada and couldnt really catch up, I was always in a rotten mood, my mom saw this and suggested I move with the guy i totally loved (family issue) so i said fine i said ill leave right now before the new semester starts so i dont mess up any other credits. Well i did move back to canada with that guy I love and got registered in school but it was so hard studying that i quit again through the middle of the semester. Finally I did come back home but I came home after 7 months and no credits for gr11 I am soo screwed up I need 30 credits to graduate and only have 16 or 17 so far I wasnt allowed to go back to school, and now have to make up all my credits online which I dont mind since I dont want to get embarrassed being a grade behind all the people i know. Well Im almost done bio and just started taking math. I need help is there anything I can do that will give me more than 1 credit? Im using virtualhighschool.com right now is there anything better im paying $395 for each subject. How can I catch up fast? I just want credits so I can get out of highschool can someone plz help me?????
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    72 ppl have viewed this so far no one has anything to say??
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    Swallow hard and go back to high school.

    I know you have your pride, but is it worth thousand of dollars to keep a little bit of pride? I wouldn't think so.

    Who cares if your friends are a year ahead. If they're actually your friends they'll understand your predicament.
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    They can't just not let you back in school. That's against the law.
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    Im soo upset

    :frown: I want to go back but my friends arent really my friends anymore and I know they will talk and have nothing better to say, I dont think I can handle that anymore I dont know what to do wish there was some other way, plus im not really allowed to go to school when i came home i promised that i wouldnt say i wanted to go to school and would do as much as i can myself sort of got myself stuck .
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    Can you go to a differnt/alternative high school?
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    Personally, I dislike reading a page long passage unless it is a solution to my question.:P
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    As long as I'm concerned, I completed my BSc after two years than normal time, MSc after eight years and won gold medal. And now planning for PhD. I'm also Black Belt 4th Dan in Tae Kwon Do. It kept me calm and cool in bad and harsh days.
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    It depends where you're living. If in the US, I would at least check to see if the local public school system has an alternative high school geared towards young people who have temporarily dropped out of the school system. Most are flexible enough to accomodate folks with a full or part time job and have a close enough link to the public school system that if the alternative school doesn't offer a course you want/need, you can take just that course at one of the traditional high schools. (Since most of these schools are small, some even maintain a strong enough link to the traditional high school system that you could join one of the local high school's sports team, drama club, band, or whatever). If they have an alternative high school like this, it's most likely free or at least heavily subsidized by the public school system and would probably be much cheaper than $395 a course.

    I'd recommend going for the actual high school diploma rather than the GED prep some offer. The high school diploma will give you more flexibility should you want to move on to college.
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    Yeah I would get a GED at a community college. And then, depending on what you like, get an associates or a certificate for some kind of job, or just keep going and then transfer to a university and work on a bachelors.
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    Well, I am not trying to sound lecturing, but i think next lines may be useful if they came from outside [aka out side of yourself :smile: ]

    Do not lose hope, chill out and do not take anything more than it is, the only problem you have is you are one year behind, you can make it up at Later after high school education.

    Be realistic and not emotional abuot this issue, i understand we are human and not robots, and what your firends [still your firends called?] did are not cool by any means.

    I have a tactic i use with my self, and i found it really good and logical in deep problems, I say to myself : "Ok, so now, i am as a skillful military leader who was not have enough soldiers or weaopns in this battle, let's retreat for now by the least amount of loses possible. I will achieve victory in the next battle"

    At last, i am saying this from a horrible experience i am still living, but i am still smiling...even it was a turning point in my life :smile:

    I do not know if you find it ok to say this, but this is what i srongly think:
    Trust in The-God [not any God btw :rolleyes: ], The Most Murciful. Good Luck :smile:
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    Thanks everyone ur feedback really helps, by the way I'm in Canada now and thinking that everything will get better with time. I hope I can get into highschool for the next semester but again still not sure and dont want to have to beg and get yelled at. Well I dont know why things happen to certain people, but I guess some ppl only get the complicated and hard to deal with problems because God believes they can take on everything and are strong enough.
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    Well, you know what they say:

    "Don't pray for a miracle to save you. Instead, pray for the strength to handle the situations that come your way. That way, you're the miracle."
  15. Nov 24, 2004 #14
    hi aisha
    dont loose ur heart
    just do work at this time
    every thing will be fine
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    Just bite the bullet and go back. Friends come and go. Most of them will not even be a part of your life in a few years and none of them will have to suffer the consequences of your decision. Swallowing your pride is no big deal. It's not as big as it looks and goes down easier than you might think. It's also less bothersome than spending the rest of your life kicking yourself.
  17. Nov 27, 2004 #16
    People who mind dont matter and people who matter dont mind :) Just forget about your "friends" and work hard to make up for the year. 1 year behind it not much..
  18. Nov 27, 2004 #17


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    Hey, if begging is what it takes to get back into school, do it! If the people who you thought were your friends aren't really your friends, don't worry about them, their opinion isn't important. Besides, as others have mentioned, none of them are likely to stay friends after high school anyway. Of all the friends I had in high school, only two of them are still friends of mine. That's because in high school, we tend to consider anyone we "hang out" with as friends, but as we get older, we learn they aren't our true friends. True friends are the ones who stick by you even when the going gets rough, and there are very few of those to be found when still in high school. That's perfectly normal.
  19. Nov 27, 2004 #18


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    Hey Aisha!

    Don't worry. If you want you can go to another highschool. (Especially if you are in a huge region like the GTA) People come in from various different areas and enter at different times. Trust me, age doesn't matter. People in my school sometimes had to stay back a year, but no one really minded. You can make new friends with the grade you are put in.
    And seriously, if you are planning to go to a University or College, age really wont matter then. Im in first year, and 2 years younger than several of my friends..and also some people in my first year courses are adults - but no one even makes it a barrier.
    Remember that going to school is worth it! So if you have to beg or get yelled at, take it in stride and know that you are doing something that will impact your life and provide you with many oppurtunities for your future. So you may get yelled at now but that wont matter when you graduate.
    And always keep your faith and don't give up when you do get back into school. After the required courses, choose courses you love and are interested in - they will make you want to come to school and those are the courses you will do the best in because you love them.
    Take care.

    If you need more help - talk to the guidance councellor at your school or even the principal to work something out for you.
  20. Nov 28, 2004 #19
    Wow, all of u are sooo kind, and have helped me a lot I'd trade any of my friends for u guys anyday. At least u know what im going through. Im thinking about it and I really think im gonna beg lol. I want to go back and get high school over with. Maybe my mom will let me go since ive done 2 courses online almost and shown her that i do want to study and can. I really hope she says ok this time. When she found out there might not be an online program she almost gave in to letting me go to school, but then she tried even harder to find one and found it, so she said oh no u dont have to go to school i found one online. I was so disappointed, but I guess I'll try again it is worth it. Thanks everyone feel free to keep giving me advice I can use all that I can get. :smile:
  21. Dec 4, 2004 #20
    Hey Aisha,

    I went through the Ontario school system and took a virtual school course as well. Just keep your head up high, you're still young, and just the fact that you came to this site and asked for help shows a lot. The age thing is really just a confidence issue, just be cool and calm and be yourself.
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