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I'm stuck, Convection Coeffecient

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    I'm trying to figure out the convection coefficent between aluminum 4032 and steel in w/m^2*k

    400w-500w? No

    Reason being I'm running a simulation of a thermal loaded aluminium detail, that is in contact with a steel plae.
    The upper part is heated by an external source.
    I need the temperatire of the aluminum piece near the contact spot, but I need the coefficient of thermal convection
    around 800w/m^2.k?
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    What makes you think convection is involved in any way? You are talking about two metals touching each other, so as far as I can discern, there is no air movement that is transferring heat, which is the definition of convection. You need to be thinking about conduction, and for that, you have two metals, both with a known thermal conductivity, and you know one side is heated while the other side is presumably insulated, so you can determine the temperatures fairly easily just with pen and paper assuming you can make the proper assumptions about your geometry.
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