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Im stuck

  1. May 18, 2004 #1
    im trying to solve the following equation using standard aux method:

    d^2y/dx^2 + 3dy/dy +2y = cos x with conditions x(0)=-3 and x'(0) = 3

    my aux eqn is:

    ae^x + be^-2x

    and my yp is;

    a sin kx + b cos kx

    i differentiate this twice and substitute into the original equation, and i get:

    (-a sin x - b cos x)+3(a cos x-b sin x) + 2(a sin x+ b cos x) = cos x.

    Now at this stage im not sure if this is right or not, can someone please confirm if this is right or not.

    I ve done this question using the laplace method and the answer i get is;

    -19/2e^x +32/5 e^2x + 1/10 cos x - 3/10 sin x.

    Here my aux equation is not the same as what i get when i apply the laplace method.

    Im not sure what is going wrong.
    Someone help me please.
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    matt grime

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    you have a and b representing two different numbers simlutaneously.

    if you're not sure which of e^2x or e^-2x is correct why don't you subs it into the equation to see which one works? i think it is -2, i also think you want e^-x and not e^x since the aux equation is m^2+3m+2=(m+1)(m+2)
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    Here is your solution:
    Best of luck,
    P.S. Obtained by Maxima: http://maxima.sourceforge.net/download.shtml
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