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I'm studying Electrical Engineering

  1. Dec 7, 2004 #1
    Hello everyone... As you can notice from my posts !! I'm a fresh to this forum. It's one of my first visits.
    There are bunch of topics in this forum and all I thought it was about physics...lol

    I didn't have time to take a look at the enormous posts and threads of this site. So, what do you members talk about? I see there's Physics, Math, Engineering, Astronomy ...
    Well, as for me, I'm studying Electrical Engineering... what can I gain or discuss here?

    Just wanted to say hi and know more about this place...
    I like it :smile:
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    Welcome to PF!

    To answer your question:

    1) You can gain better understanding on areas you do or don't understand.

    2) Discuss anything that is relevant to the forum in question.

    Yes, this is a good place.
  4. Dec 7, 2004 #3
    Hello ¡Samer, thats just an i, hmm, I was trying to figure out what the alt code was for an upside down exclamation point :redface:
  5. Dec 7, 2004 #4
    :bugeye: :bugeye: :bugeye: :bugeye: :bugeye: :bugeye: :bugeye:
    Fresh Meat!
    Fresh Meat!
    Fresh Meat!
    Fresh Meat!
    Fresh Meat!
    Fresh Meat!
    Fresh Meat!

    Welcome iSamer. We talk about pretty much anything and everything, you just have to keep it in the relevant subforum (its better to anyway, since the people most knowledgeable about a certain subject tend to visit its forum more frequently). And here in Gen Disc we just talk about whatever is on our minds which means its mostly idle chit chat, although occasionally an important discussion will start when someone (usually me) hijacks a thread. It happens.
  6. Dec 7, 2004 #5
    No iSamer! it's not too late! Turn around now before you get sucked into PF like the rest of us!... nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
  7. Dec 7, 2004 #6
    Hey, iSamer (or should I say marhaba? :wink:). I'm new too.
  8. Dec 7, 2004 #7


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    Welcome iSamer and daster! General Discussion is a place where you can wind down and take a break from all the serious thinking of the other topics here. Each of the other topics is pretty self-explanatory...I think. There's a topic called "Electrical Engineering" as a subforum under the Engineering topics, so you'll probably want to check that one out right away iSamer.

    If you have questions pertaining to homework, there's a separate homework help section, where you can post questions regardless of what topic they would otherwise fall under.

    Other than that, just browse around as much as you need to, and have fun!
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    Welcome to PF iSamer and daster :smile:

    We were just recently mentioning that there don't appear to be any newcomers around lately.

    Usually, around this time, Evo (the "Evil" :devil: Mentor of Gen. Discussion) will come around offering fish or tofu, or some form of inaugural nourishment. jimmy p will almost surely follow that up by trying to scare you away. :biggrin:

    PF can be as crazy and fun as it can be serious and informative.

    There are some exceptionally knowledgeable people here at PF. Take this opportunity to pick their brains, for there's a whole lot that can be learned here. Just stick around and I'm sure you'll enjoy the ride. :biggrin:
  10. Dec 13, 2004 #9
    Thanks all for this warm welcome....
    Sure, I'm going to enjoy the stay :rolleyes:
    Don't worry check, I'll be sucked in ... lol
  11. Dec 13, 2004 #10
    Hey, iSamer, if you ever need any dating advice this is the place to be.
  12. Dec 14, 2004 #11
    A dating advice.....? :rolleyes:
    Haha.... nice one.... :biggrin:
  13. Dec 14, 2004 #12
    Nuts. :grumpy: I have been slacking. I should have been in the first five posts. :rofl:

    Anyway welcome to you newbie. I am The Bob and I wish to invite you to a choice of fish or lobster as a welcome gift. Both are as heavy as each other but one is 3 pounds and the other is 5 pounds. :biggrin:

    Have fun in here. It can be exciting but watch out for my bro (Jimmy P) and his dog (tribdog). :rofl:

    The Bob (2004 ©)
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2004
  14. Dec 14, 2004 #13
    Welcome to you guys :smile:
    You'd better watch out The Bob : he is a (gentle) giant, and he might step on you with his 13-foot :tongue2:
  15. Dec 14, 2004 #14
    Hi iSamer and daster, welcome to the PF empire! [and its extreme :biggrin: ]

    Hopefully you will enjoyed it here. Since i saw "marhaba" moving around:

    Ahlan wa sahlan bekumma untom al-ethnayen.

    If you dont know it, forget about it, i am just practising this language, I LOVE the metaphors used a lot while speaking it :approve: .
  16. Dec 14, 2004 #15


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    Yes, you have been slacking!!! Have you forgotten your duties as the newly appointed newbie greeter??? :grumpy:

    We're giving out 5lb lobsters now? :bugeye:

    Welcome iSamer and daster! Don't listen to gokul, I am not evil (pokes gokul with her pitchfork). You will have a lot of fun here. :approve:
  17. Dec 14, 2004 #16
    Don't believe me? Check out this thread.
  18. Dec 14, 2004 #17
    Sorry Mom. :frown:

    You fell for it. I meant £3 and £5 (not weight). :rofl:

    :rofl: :rofl: LOL :rofl: :rofl:

    The Bob (2004 ©)
  19. Dec 17, 2004 #18
    Hi Bob, Evo, humanino, and Moses... and thanks for your friendly and funny welcome...

    Hey Bob, is this your real name or just a nick name that you have taken from the movie (originally a novel) Fight Club... you know the giant Bob...!
  20. Dec 18, 2004 #19
    I am going to have to watch this film.

    It was a nickname I invented for myself (never having seen the film) and it caught on at school. Bob is my real name (nickname for Robert) but I simply added 'The' in front of it. I am the one and only Bob. :rofl:

    The Bob (2004 ©)
  21. Dec 18, 2004 #20
    I saw about half an hour of the movie and never got a chance to see the rest (Had to go to work. Y'all understand).

    Personally, I prefer Robert instead of Bob. But that's just me.
  22. Dec 18, 2004 #21
    Yes, I do as well but 'The Robert' does not have the same ring to it as 'The Bob' does. :smile:

    The Bob (2004 ©)
  23. Dec 18, 2004 #22
    Oh, yeah, you're right. I understand now.
  24. Jan 17, 2005 #23


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    LOL im a newbie too... i am starting to like this place ALOT... from wat ive been reading u guys sound like geniouses =D
  25. Jan 17, 2005 #24
    I never got a lobster :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: its all part of their plan to take over the world, they lure u in with a lobster and then..."you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!" :wink:
  26. Jan 18, 2005 #25
    I think we ran out.
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