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Im sure someone knows this!

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    I have an assignement for my engineering communications class in which i have to investigate a problem in the field of electrical engineering and find two or three solutions to the problems and then evaluate which of the solutions would best suite the problem. Now my question is, what are possible problems in some devices that relate to electrical engineering? I would like it if someone could give me some ideas to do some research on, since this is a potentially broad field. What are some new solutions to previous devices in electrical engineering products?
    OK thanks for your time, just if any one has any suggestions or read some interesting articles i would enjoy to hear about it! Thank you
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    So for engineering communication -- analog versus digital modulation would be a good choice, and very relevant. In the olden days, analog modulation schemes were the norm, but as DSP became more cost effective, digital modulation schemes (and error detection/correction schemes) became the norm. And then very cool schemes like CDMA and cell phone multi-cast encoding and decoding became economically viable.

    You could do a very cool presentation covering the progression from analog modulation to basic digital modulation to CDMA, for example. Put some technical meat behind it, and it would be an excellent presentation.
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    berkeman, thank you very very much. I am very interested in your input and I am researching it now, wish me good luck.
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