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I'm the best man and I'm panicking wedding is 48 h away and I don't have a speech yet

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    and this is for my brother's wedding. Unfortunately his wedding fell on the same exact week I had to take my oral exams which I was studying for over a month for/ 12+ hours per day (so I wasn't thinking about a toast at all until they were over).

    Let's see if PF can help me out with this in the next 36 hours (12 h to practice):

    -what do you like to hear about in a wedding speech??
    -what was the worst speech you heard at a wedding?
    -what did the best speech you heard at a wedding have in it?
    -how long should this be?
    -other tips?

    This is literally one of the worst weeks of my entire life in terms of time commitments.
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    I'm also best man in my brothers wedding in a few months. I hope people can offer some good advice!
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    :D I am glad to know that.
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    Do you do things differently where you live? I've been the best man at 3 weddings, and the only speaking duty is making the toast to the maid/matron of honour and the bridesmaids.
    The bride's uncle or close older family friend delivers the actual "speech".
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    Keep it short - a few to 5 minutes. Make it positive and upbeat about the couple.

    I was best man for a close friend, who I had known for years. I had gotten to know the bride over a period of months, and I talked a bit about knowing my friend and what he saw in his new wife, and what she saw in him, and what I saw in the both of them as individuals and as a couple (they both had good sense of humor). I ended with a blessing and best wishes for a long future together.

    Since you are brothers, reflect on what you know about him, and what you hope for him in the marriage. If you know about the bride, share some thoughts on her, and what you hope for her. Welcome her to the family, and also, hopefully express some thoughts on getting to know her family. In theory, both families are supportive of the union. Conclude with blessings and best wishes for a long and happy marriage and family.
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    You can have notes. It's not optimal, but a lot better than melting down awkwardly.

    As Astro said, be positive, tell a couple stories and tell them what the couple means to you.
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    Don't forget to include some humorous remembrances of your brother especially things his wife might like to know about.

    You could also say something about how different your brother is now, how he's changed since he met her and decided to get married.

    Try not to get anyone in too much trouble.

    Toast to a long, prosperous, lasting and loving marriage.
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    You know, learning to be a comedian is sometimes really good. If you can make everyone laugh in the wedding, it's sweet of you.
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