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I'm Thinking of running away, should I?

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    Should I run away? I mean, if one is unhappy (to some degree) with the day to day routine of life, then why not? If i did, where would I go? Maybe to the circus. Nah, there aren't any to speak of anymore. Also, should I get a pole and a bandana and wrap my belongings in it (as i have seen in drawings, when a young lad was running away)? Or maybe just load up my car with stuff? Nah, I would just be bringing along stuff that would be a reminder of the present. Shoot; maybe I'll just stay where I am.
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    If you'll give an answer in that other thread about where you're located it would help me in answering this one.
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    let me know when you are exactly leaving and lets go together.
    i was thinking of starting small independent community stuff.
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