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I'm tired and can't sleep

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    ...so forgive the stupid game:

    What would be the most efficient way to reproduce the following without using keyboard shortcuts for formatting, or any variant of a quote + copy-paste method?

    Do you know how long this took?
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    Code (Text):

    raphael@raphael:~$ cat bored.java
    public class bored {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            String r = "";
            int j = 0;
            for(int i = 0; i < args[0].length(); i++) {
                if (args[0].charAt(i) != ' ' && j++ % 2 == 0)
                    r += String.format("[b][u][i]%s[/b][/u][/i]", args[0].charAt(i));
                    r += args[0].charAt(i);
    raphael@raphael:~$ javac bored.java
    raphael@raphael:~$ java bored "Do you know how long this took?"
    [b][u][i]D[/b][/u][/i]o [b][u][i]y[/b][/u][/i]o[b][u][i]u[/b][/u][/i] k[b][u][i]n[/b][/u][/i]o[b][u][i]w[/b][/u][/i] h[b][u][i]o[/b][/u][/i]w [b][u][i]l[/b][/u][/i]o[b][u][i]n[/b][/u][/i]g [b][u][i]t[/b][/u][/i]h[b][u][i]i[/b][/u][/i]s [b][u][i]t[/b][/u][/i]o[b][u][i]o[/b][/u][/i]k[b][u][i]?[/b][/u][/i]
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    Code (Text):
    [noparse]borek@invincible ~/python $ cat bored.py
    text='Do you know how long this took?'
    outtext = ''
    switch = 1

    for c in text:
       if c == ' ':
          outtext += ' '
          if switch:
             outtext += '[b][u][i]'+c+'[/i][/u][/b]'
             outtext += c
          switch = 1 - switch

    print outtext
    borek@invincible ~/python $ python bored.py
    [b][u][i]D[/i][/u][/b]o [b][u][i]y[/i][/u][/b]o[b][u][i]u[/i][/u][/b] k[b][u][i]n[/i][/u][/b]o[b][u][i]w[/i][/u][/b] h[b][u][i]o[/i][/u][/b]w [b][u][i]l[/i][/u][/b]o[b][u][i]n[/i][/u][/b]g [b][u][i]t[/i][/u][/b]h[b][u][i]i[/i][/u][/b]s [b][u][i]t[/i][/u][/b]o[b][u][i]o[/i][/u][/b]k[b][u][i]?[/i][/u][/b][/noparse]
    Do you know how long this took?

    If you are really bored you should try to code it in brain**** :surprised

    Sigh, one even can't post a proper name of that language.
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