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I'm trying to make a simple circuit

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    I'm trying to make a simple circuit. The circuit design says that i need to use a 3-18 pf adjustable capacitor, i havent been able to obtain that component.
    Could you plz suggest a replacement that would work just as well as the 3-18 pf adjustable cap.
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    A 3 to 18 pF cap is a 3 to 18 pF cap. No replacement. Although, you could use a 3 to 25 or 30 or something. You just will not use up all of the range of the cap before you reach 18 pF and will have poorer resolution.

    You might try adding in series a cap if you like to change the value of the variable cap. Caps in series inversely add. 1/c1 + 1/c2 = 1/ctotal.
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    I quickly found a 3.5 - 20pF on RS, stock number 125-963. Keep looking and you might just find what you need.
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