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Im trying to make new post (newcomer)

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    Re: im trying to make new post (newcomers)

    how to delete this post?
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    On posts you write there's an edit button, for a time, at the bottom right of your post. If you click the "edit" button, on the next screen that comes up is a "delete" button at the bottom right of the editing screen. I don't know that you can delete a thread, though. I think a moderator has to do that and you have to ask them. I'm not positive of that, though.
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    Hey, I can not post either !
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    hmm, why there's no notification if someone reply?? did i turn it off?

    im sorry if im asking question here, if it is not legal, tell me.. xP
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    Welcome to PF, annoymage...and congrats at making your first posts :biggrin:.

    I think you get notified at the email address you gave when you signed up. I say "I think" because I turned that feature off a long time ago.
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    owh, yeah.. hehe, anyway im in PF quite long... but only by guess.. But now i decide to make an account.. hehe.. because i want to be a great mathematician (my dream)... and also, i think i wan to send PF flyers to my university :D..
    and also, thank you very much for everything. thank you very very much.
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