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I'm Trying to Prepare for Nuclear Engineering

  1. Apr 29, 2012 #1
    Greetings, Everyone!

    My name is Daniel, and I just signed up for PF today! I felt it looked really cool, and that I would be wise to collaborate with peer engineers, and seek advice from them! I am preparing to graduate from Crowder College (In Neosho, MO), a 2yr school, with a degree in Pre-Engineering. My school has their "Pre-Engineering" program set up with Missouri S&T (Formerly UMR), to prepare local students seeking an engineering degree from Missouri S&T (and now UARK- Fayetteville). This is my last semester and I am graduating in less than 2 weeks! (sooo stoked by the way) I have all summer to prepare for my upcoming studies at Missouri S&T in Nuclear Engineering, and would like to take advantage of this time I have. I am enrolled in 15 hours this coming semester, and they are as follows:

    NUC ENG 105 - Intro Nuclear Eng (2 Credits)
    with:Lucas Tucker

    NUC ENG 205 - Fund/Nuclear Engineering (3 Credits)
    with:Ayodeji Babatunde Alajo

    NUC ENG 206 - Reactor Operations I (1 Credit)
    with:William Bonzer

    NUC ENG 221 - Reactor Fluid Mechanics (3 Credits)
    with:Gary Mueller

    PHYSICS 107 - Intro To Modern Physics (3 Credits)
    with:John Story

    STAT 213 - Applied Engineering Stat (3 Credits)
    with:n/a (undetermined staff member)


    If any of you have attended Missouri S&T (or UMR under the same professors), I would really appreciate any "pointers" you could send my way. Other than that, what should I prepare my self for exactly? I have Calcus 1 - 3 experience, Differential Equations, Physics 1 - 2, Statics (I am currently performing poorly in that class), Chemistry 1 - 2, Intro to C++ (A small taste of C++), and Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting (Novice level drafting in AutoCAD). What "foundations" should I build ahead of time? I understand that "Rolla" has a notorious reputation for being a tough school (is it revered as such amongst you guys?) and want to make the transition from a small community college to it as easy as possible. Thank you VERY much for the advice, and I look forward to the day that I actually become a Nuclear Engineer!
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