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I'm your next American Idol.

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    Okay I just finished watching American Idol. I didn't change the channel afterwards and some Dr. Detective show came on. Here's the basic premise so far. A homeless lady is having seizures and admitted to the hospital. the daddy detective doctor calls all the baby detective doctors into the room with the big table. He says, "We need to find out who this lady is." then he dumps her belongings onto the big table. All the baby doctor detectives plug their noses. DDD says, "Vomit, still moist." as he's sniffing her clothes. Then he sticks his finger in the vomit and sticks his finger in his mouth. "Salty" he says.

    What the hell kind of Doctor eats homeless vomit? Should this be moved to the biology forum?
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    Please don't. :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:
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    Easy answer- One in a T.V. show.
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    That show is called House and can be an enjoyable watch.
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    the guy ate a homeless persons vomit in order to make a diagnosis, then he gets the diagnosis wrong. I'm not sure if eating a rabies infected patient's vomit puts you at risk of getting rabies, but I'll bet it does. He didn't give himself the vaccine at the end of the show. Maybe it can be a good show, but I gotta give it a thumbs down for that episode.
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    It was more like a quick lick. Besides, what do you know about rabies? Oh, that's right. Nevermind.
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    Are you sure it wasn't Fear Factor you were watching or something like that? :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:

    Sounds like a pretty lame show. Did they drink the urine to test for diabetes too?
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