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Image Compressor

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    1.Hey friends I Want to Compress the image in order upload them in my website. I have scanned them now what i need to do is to reduce their size. For that i need open source software to compress them. so, will anybody help me for finding it.

    2. Next problem is i have made graph using geogebra. So, i need to upload them too. But i don't have idea that which size will be best (pixel,width, breadth) and format like (.png, .eps, .jpg)

    I will be thankful if anybody suggest me.

    Note: Software that is supported by Ubuntu or Windows 7 (anyone).
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    GIMP comes to mind.

    Format depends on the type of graph, in most cases I am using 256 color png (or even less color where possible). No eps, and graphs are usually line art which doesn't get compressed well by jpg, too many artifacts. Max width depends on the page design, but I would not use anything wider than 800 pixels, you don't want people to have to scroll page to sides to be able to see everything.
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    Graphs would be ideally compressed by vector graphics formats (I.E. .svg) and would scale to larger resolutions without increasing file size. Most browsers support them these days too.

    EDIT: Oh, sorry, I should have read better. I didn't realize you had scanned them in. Ideally you'd want to use just the raw data to generate the SVG. Some programs can convert from bitmap to Vector, but it usually doesn't do it in a very intelligent way.
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    thanx a lot. do you have any idea regrading open source image compressor?
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