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Image embedding not working?

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    'Seems to work for me.
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    Did you happen to accidentally hit the "Insert Link" icon instead of the "Insert Image" icon on the toolbar? I'm guessing these might have changed appearance (and/or maybe even location on the toolbar) since the upgraded look of the site.
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    I notice something that may have to do with the problem.

    Right now, as I compose this message, there is an icon in the toolbar for "insert image"; it's right under the "undo" icon, the arrow rotating to the left.

    But, if I attempt to edit (in advanced mode) the referenced post, the insert image icon turns into a "Insert [q u o t e] tags around selected text" (I spaced out quote so it wouldn't be taken as a tag). There is no "insert image" icon on the toolbar when editing in advanced mode.

    I actually put the image code into the post by hand, typing the "" and " [Broken]" tags and inserting the URL between them. And, in fact, if I attempt to edit the post, that exactly what I see--the proper tags and URL.

    But, you are right, it certainly looks like a link to the viewer who is not editing the post.

    I wonder if I had used the toolbar icon for inserting an image when I first prepared the post, and then later changed the URL (because I didn't have the URL until I attached the image), if that would work?

    The technique of editing in the image tags plus the URL has always worked before the recent change in the Forum software.
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