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Homework Help: Image formed by telescope

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    # An observer looks at a tree of height 15 meters with a telescope of magnifying power 10. How does the tree appear to the man?
    I think the tree will appear to be 10 times taller. Is it right?
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    Chi Meson

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    Is that exactly how the question is stated?

    In short, you are correct, but...

    Telescope magnification is "angular magnification" not "linear magnification." A 10 X scope does not necessarily mean you will say "oh my god, that looks like a 150 meter tall tree!" You are more likely to have the impression that you are standing closer to the tree such that the subtended angle is increased ten times.
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    The tree is at a large distance from the man. The telescope brings the image of the tree nearer. Can’t we call that feature of the telescope as magnification?
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