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Stargazing Image of Galaxy M83

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    hi guys

    I haven't posted any images for a very long time, health/eyesight has been pretty bad and stopping me from getting out with telescope and camera.
    This image below of spiral galaxy, M83 ( also known as the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy)

    July 2016 I did a set of 8 x 30 sec images with my Canon 6D, f5.6, ISO3200, Canon 400mm telephoto lens and stacked them in Deep Sky Stacker and then processed in Lightroom. The image has about a 65% crop to bring the galaxy up to a reasonable viewable size

    M83 8 images stackedaa.jpg

    this below is the full frame before cropping ....

    M83 8 images stacked-2.jpg

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    very cool. Thanks for posting.

    really sorry to hear it
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    Psh, I had a hangnail the last time I went out with my scope... man up! :-p
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