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Image Processing and MatLab (Deconvolution Process)

  1. Nov 5, 2015 #1
    I have these two images:

    Blurred_Image01.png Blurred_Image02.png

    And I have this impulse response function, or the point-spread function (PSF):

    Sample_PSF01.png Sample_PSF02.png

    The first image is the actual size of the PSF, and the second image has zero pads included.

    I tried deconvolving the images this way (with MatLab):

    Code (Text):
    deconvolved_image = ifft2(fft2(blurred_image)./fft2(sample_psf))
    The PSF that I used is the PSF with zero pads. However, the deconvolved images are different. The deconvolved image of the first blurred image is correct and I achieved a sharp image, however the second one returns this image:


    What could be wrong?
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