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Image Technician

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    I want to be an image tech.. This takes 28 consecutive months at N.A.I.T.

    Diagnostic Medical Sonography - Entrance Requirements

    Students must have successfully completed the following with a minimum average of 60%:

    * English 30-1 (English 30)
    * Math 30-1 (Pure)
    * Biology 30
    * Physics 30
    * Chemistry 20

    I am in grade 11. I have completed pure math 10 - 68%. I have completed english 10 - 83% and have a midmark of english 20 - 70%. I do not have any biology and chemisty. I am really stuggeling with physics 20 at the moment.

    I don't know if this is what I want to do because I honestly believe I am not smart enough. Any tips? Or other career suggestions?

    I love art but suck at drawing. I love to imagine and be creative (this is why I think I would love untrasounds). I love writing but I am not good enough to publish a story.
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    It's hard to say without knowing more about you. What things do you like? Do you find yourself more geared towards sciences or arts? If you're in grade 11 you still have plenty of time to decide. If you are interested in science but just don't know which one, I would suggest taking all of the science courses (calculus, chem, physics, bio, etc) so you have more options available when you are done high school.
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    Well, I may not know exactly what it is an ultrasound imaging technician does, but I suspect it has less to do with drawing and creativity, and more to do with dealing with patients, and the administration and (possibly) interpretation of ultrasounds (boy, girl, possibly cancerous lump, gallstones, etc.)

    If you really want to be in the arts, but don't have the hand for drawing, you may want to consider some of the other programs offered at NAIT, Grant MacEwan, or even the University of Alberta that actually have more to do with art (in all its various forms--everything from graphic design and animation to, say, drama) or design. Writing (and communications in general) is an art, and while not everybody is cut out to be a Hemmingway or Shakespeare, it's generally something you can improve upon with practice and dedication.

    As for the academic requirements of this particular program, it sounds as if you're in the ballpark. Your marks in highschool (for the most part, and up to a certain point) largely depend on the amount of effort and time you put in, paying attention in class, gaining the discipline to hunker down and study, and going to your teachers for help when you need it.

    Work a little bit harder and you can probably get into that program. Work harder than that, and you may be able to open up even more doors. On a more philosophical note, how "smart" you feel is often quite subjective; in my opinion, having a high IQ doesn't mean a whole lot when you don't make use of it, or have any work ethic. Having average intelligence and strong work ethic gets you a whole lot further than high intelligence and low or zero work ethic.

    Sorry for that tangent; I believe most of the public high schools in Edmonton have pretty decent student Councilling / Resource offices. If you're trying to figure out what you'd like to do, they can administer various Interest tests that try to gauge where your talents / interests lie, and offer possible career / job paths. They may even be able to arrange for some job shadowing, if you have sufficient interest in a particular job / profession.

    Good luck!
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