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Images don't show up in LaTeX

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    Hi, Im new to LaTeX and am having trouble putting images up on a document; I am using TeXnicCenter (in it u can use .jpg or .pnp files aprently but not .ps). i use



    which I thought should be enough to display the image. compiling gives no errors, but when i open the document in GSview or acrobat, I can see a box outlining the image with the name of the image between but not the image itself. whats the problem? thanks for the help, I really appreciate it!
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    Well, firstly you should use {} instead of (), but I guess that's a typo on here. Erm.. I'm not sure, try using \includegraphics{filename.jpg}. Is the file "filename.jpg" in the correct folder?
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    thanks for the response; coincidentally enough, the image i am trying to use is called cristo.jpg haha ... yea that was a typo, I have it on the document as follows:


    it seems like the program is recognizing the image, becuase the shape of the image is exactly like the cristo image (and i then tried another sample image which was a square, and the boundary show), for some reason it just prints the boundary and name but not the image itself when I compile ... could it be that my settings are wrong? I can't find anything...
    thanks again!
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    Hello there,

    I am using the code:
    \includegraphics[totalheight=0.8\textheight,viewport=50 260 400 1000,clip]{C:/Costas/Ph.D/documentation/Chapters/Chapter3-Efficient structures/latex development/Book1.pdf} % or png,bmp,pdf
    \caption{My pdf figure}

    and I have the same problem. The images don't show up only the rounding frames. I thought that this problem might be in an Adobe Reader add on , so I did corresponded with them, I had no reply so far.
    Because I am using LATEX->PDF option I am not quite sure if this will work for a .pdf document nested in another .pdf document....
  6. Feb 3, 2012 #5
    I had the same problem today and I figured out it was the option of 'draft' in my case. After I deleted 'draft' option \documentclass[12pt,a4paper, draft]{article}, the image was displayed.
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