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Images in posts

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    I can understand why the forum might not want to allow images that are linked from another server to be included in posts: if at a later date the poster removes the image from the other server, then the image won't show up in the post anymore, and it may make the post difficult to understand. However, why are images that are allowed to be attached to a post only displayed as thumbnails? There's already a size limit imposed on the uploaded images, so why not display them full size? Thumbnails in a post are annoying.
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    I'm not an admin so I don't set the rules, but I do know that linking images from another server without permission is called "hotlinking" and is a very serious problem. Perhaps the admins wanted to be sure this problem did not occur.

    As for your preference on thumbnails, perhaps post something in the Feedback section.
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    nm nm nm nm nm
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    How are you able to tell that no one has read it?

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    Since the last post is his, he thinks like that!
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    Thumbnails allow the pages to load faster.
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    Click on the thumbnail image to see the full size image. Thumbnails make the post cleaner and more uniform. If someone is interested in seeing the whole photo they will click on the thumbnail, if not they can scan past instead of being bombarded with full size images.
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