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Imagine life without People

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    There have been several books, documentaries, webumentaries, and even a Hollywood movie in "I Am Legend" relating and discussing this topic which encourages people to imagine world without people.

    A new documentary by The History Channel premiered after the success of "I Am Legend" called Life After People. It takes you right up to 10,000 years after extinction and shows that within 1000 years there would be very few signs of life from this age.

    Analysts give detailed explanations as to what will vanish and things that still will be in existence, like the Hoover Dam in the US, which is expected to be still standing 10,000 years later.

    They also clear the debate of 2012 as the end of life, which is believed by many religious individuals and even communities.

    I have not personally seen the documentary but I sure will be seeing it, you can view this documentary online thanks to someone who uploaded this on Google Video.

    Please discuss this documentary because I am eager to hear from other people about this. This will be interesting man.

    You can watch the documentary online, its on google video and at my blog, the link of my blog is in my sig, the reason I didn't provide the link in the post is because I couldn't, as you can probably tell I am a newbie here and can only post links to other cites after 15 posts.
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    well even my signature is not here well my website or blog is
    remixconcepts.blogspot [dot] com
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